Mike Harm

I walked in Saturday to buy an Indian® Scout Sixty. I had done a bunch of research, but still had several questions. Russ was super helpful.. not pushy at all, patiently answering all of my questions, taking the time to walk me through options. I ended up picking out the style I wanted, and all the options. They were able to find the exact model (black, w/ abs) at a dealership they trade with, and were happy to arrange delivery when it's all ready in another week or two. The whole time I was there, from when I strolled in, to final signature and handing over a check, they were all super helpful, zero pressure, accommodating and friendly. Really great staff. Highly recommend.

R Bright

I was informed by a friend to go check out G Force Power Sports, which also sells Polaris, I heard about the Indian® Motorcycle showroom, So I headed down to see the stock of Indian® Motorcycles, I was impressed with the Indian® Scout, usually you get pressured into buying through there credit , however I decided that I wanted to get my own financing, which I secured a loan and now am a proud owner of 2018 1100 cc Scout, couldn't be happier with the friendly staff and service department, you will have to visit to see all they offer, Happy riding!

Perry Kasper

Really cool shop with all the toys and several cool custom bikes.

Scott Tousignaut

Very nice people very helpful and no pressure.

Eric Peterson

Beautiful bikes great people that always makes for a great day!

Scott J

Jason was fantastic! I told him I front that I was just looking, but he still took the time to explain financing as well as explored all options of customizing a bike so my long legs could fit properly on it. If I decide on an Indian® (that Springfield is gonna haunt my dreams!), I will definitely be coming here to see Jason. Thanks for your patience and hope I can sign up for a class soon!

Patrick Huey

The service department at Indian® motorcycles of Denver was amazing today! They programmed a new fob for my 2016 Indian® in like 10 minutes without waiting absolutely free!

Yoelvis Pedraza

Great customer service. I came window shopping with a buddy of mine and looked at the Indian® Motorcycles. The guys answered all the questions we had.

Tim Kordik

Had a great experience with the G-Force staff. I really hate going to dealerships to buy cars or bikes, but since the model I wanted could only be found at an Indian® dealer, I prepared myself for yet another terrible experience only to be pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. Sure they offer you accessory upgrades and services packages, but aren't overly pushy and they whole thing went smooth and quick. I really like the new bike and I would recommend Indian® of Denver to anyone.

Justin Rickett

I purchased my 2017 Indian® Roadmaster and had one of the best buying experiences ever. Russell, Chris, and Collette are great to work with and went above and beyond any dealership that I have ever been to. Thank you all, for all that you do!

Demetrius Marez

Great variety, knowledgeable staff and friendly.

Martin J. Jojola Sr.

No pressure people very nice and knowledgeable.

Electric Spirit

I was living in Pueblo West, with an Indian® Dealer within walking distance. I went there to buy my Indian® and they were all rude dicks, especially the women. Okay, cool. So I loaded up my trailer and drove 3 hrs to Indian® Motorcycle of Denver to buy my bike. Then I rode my brand new Indian® Springfield Dark Horse by the Pueblo dealer every day on my commute.

Indian® of Denver were cool. They treated me like a real customer, even though I have the appearance of a crusty vagabond. I appreciate how they didn't let anyone test-ride MY bike before I got there. My Springfield Dark Horse had ONE (1) mile on the clock when I got it. ONE MILE. That's the best, ever. Like a virgin.

I seriously feel like I'm welcome there. They're just cool. It's a good environment, a complete 180 from Pueblo.

I needed some quick service to program a new FOB I ordered from the internet. Instead of letting Pueblo anywhere NEAR my bike, I happily rode the 3hrs to Denver Indian® of Colorado and was treated like a V.I.P. Pueblo was going to charge me a LOT, taking the bike out of my sight, possibly keeping it overnight, etc. They're incompetent and useless. Denver Indian® of Colorado laid out the red carpet and invited me in and let me oversee the process. Priceless. I have a lot of love for G-Force PowerSports, and now I have a recall that I need to deal with. I'm almost looking forward to what would surely be a (huge) burden at Pueblo. It'll be nice to see my "Personal Indian® Support Team" again.

Will Barnes

Another trip to my favorite motorcycle store to visit with the staff. Black Friday sale. Got what I wanted, saved a lot.